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Basic Memberships

A. Single Membership £75

Vice president/Sailing members/Non-sailing members

B. Joint Membership £120

As above but for couples/partners or any two people joining together

C. Social Membership £55
Non-voting/no clubhouse key/no use of club boats

D. Special Membership £30
By election of the general committee

E. Honorary Membership £0
By election of the general committee

F. Student Membership £25
Age 18+ Mus
t be in full time education.

G. Cadet Membership £20
Age 14-18

H. Junior Membership £10
Age 8-13

I. Young Child Membership £0
Child below age 8

Membership Extras

J. Car park pass £80

One key/one car per family application. Not available without membership.

K. 1st boat berth £45

Member’s biggest boat is considered their 1st boat

L. 2nd/small boat berth £25

Bugs, Toppers and Lasers or 2nd boat.

M. Boat in car park £200

Only by prior agreement from the general committee. Owners of boats in car park must be full members.

N. Tractor Pass £50

Must complete a tractor declaration form

O. New Member Joining Fee £25

To be paid by new members in first year of membership

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